Child-Friendly Dental Services in Camrose

Providing Treatment for Patients of All Ages!

Once a child’s teeth have come in, it is important for parents to consider scheduling the child’s first dental appointment. The Canadian Dental Association recommend that a child see a dentist by age one, or within six months of when their first tooth appears. If your children have had prior experiences with dentists that have made them afraid or anxious, our kind oral care professionals can be of assistance.

We offer televisions above the dental chairs to help take a child’s mind off their dental treatments.  There are also a number of anesthesia and sedation techniques to prevent any pain or discomfort that could be present during any procedure, such as an extraction.

For more information about livdental, please call (780) 672-3033 today!

Our Clinic Offers-

  • Child, Family and Senior Friendly
  • TV's Over the Chairs
  • Accepting New Patients
  • Same Day Ceramic Crowns
  • Direct Billing to Most Insurance Plans
  • Located in a Brand New, Exciting Location in West Camrose With All of the Same Comforts
  • Invisalign

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